Getting To Know Your Body Shape?

August 09, 2016

Getting To Know Your Body Shape?

Putting an outfit together can be a whole lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your shape. You may know the latest trends and kind of dress you want or even the fabric/colour/embellishments you like. However many women are blissfully unaware of the most integral detail : their body shape. Our Bodies have a specific structure that can be most commonly broken down into four basic shapes which are Apple, Hourglass, Pear and Rectangle. Each shape has a particular set of characteristics that differentiates it from the others. Body Shape is all about proportion, and fashion is all about dressing those proportions to look their very best. Dressing for your body shape is not about trying to look thin; it’s about accentuating your shape and enhancing what you have so you feel your best in every outfit.
Keep in mind - body shape is not the same as body size. Body size is an individual’s body measurement. So someone who is a size 6 can be a pear and so can someone who is a size 22.

Here are the 4 basic shapes and their characteristics.

The Apple Shape

Bust:Waist:Hips Ratio = 4:4:3

Body Traits

An Apple shaped women will have:

  • Wide Torso.
  • Broad shoulders.
  • An average to full bust.
  • Undefined waist.
  • Fullness around your mid region.
  • Thinner arms and legs.
  • Flat rear/bottom.
  • Hips narrower than bust.

Style Goals

When choosing outfits for an Apple figure aim to:

  • Elongate the torso.
  • Draw attention to your legs.
  • Create the illusion of a waist.
  • Wear structured pieces as they will add definition and hide any extra weight.


The Hourglass Shape

Bust:Waist:Hips Ratio = 4:2:4

Body Traits

An Hourglass shaped women will have:

  • Full bust.
  • Well defined and narrow waist.
  • Proportionately balanced shoulders and hips.
  • Rounded Bottom.
  • Curvy body.


Style Goals

When choosing outfits for an Hourglass figure aim to:

  • Highlight your natural curves.
  • Proportionally balance your upper and lower body at the same time.
  • Flaunt your well defined waist.


The Pear Shape

Bust:Waist:Hips Ratio = 3:2:4

Body Traits

A Pear shaped women will have:

  • A body that is one or more sizes smaller on the top than bottom.
  • Weight held on rear and thighs.
  • Wider hips and thighs than shoulders and bust.
  • Well defined waist.
  • Rounded bottom.
  • Smallest part of your shape is your waist and the largest is your hips.


Style Goals

When choosing outfits for a Pear figure aim to:

  • Enhance your waistline and arms.
  • Add volume to your shoulders and upper body for a balanced silhouette.
  • Stay away from clothing that draws attention to hips and thighs.


The Rectangle Shape

Bust:Waist:Hips Ratio = 3:3:3

Body Traits

A Rectangle shaped women will have:

  • A small to average bust.
  • Undefined waist.
  • Straight hips and rear.
  • Not many curves.
  • Well aligned shoulders and hips.
  • Same dress size top and bottom.


Style Goals

When choosing outfits for a Rectangle figure aim to:

  • Create the illusion of curves.
  • Add definition to waist.
  • Flaunt your lean arms and legs.


It may pay to get in front of your mirror and familiarise yourself with your body to make a true and honest assessment of which body shape your are. When you have finally determined your body shape you can begin to consider which fashion trends to embrace and which to avoid.

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