What To Wear?

February 16, 2017

What To Wear?

With such a changeable season weather-wise, it is difficult to know what to put on each day. The mornings are cool and have a feel of autumn about them but as the day goes by, it turns into summer! Dressing for this can be challenging, especially if you leave home for the day early in the morning.


For this type of weather you need to be able to add or take away clothing layers. Some options for this might be to add a 3/4 sleeve top or Secret Sleeves under a sleeveless dress or top, which can be taken off during the day if it becomes hot. Another option is to start the day with a cardi or jacket. Our Bay Road merino cardi's are ideal for this - they look smart and are so comfortable to wear. I must admit, I wear them more in the summer than in the winter and the Bay Road merino is one of the few that do not make me itch when next to my skin. They are just enough to stop the chill and are very lightweight. They are very useful items to take on planes and/or when travelling, especially if there is air conditioning, which can be a bit cool at times. They are also machine washable and believe me, they really are!! Other alternatives that we stock are light mesh tie cardi's, bolero's or the more formal jackets.



If you are not familiar with our Secret Sleeves, these are tops made in a very lightweight Italian mesh and they are designed to be worn under garments that have no sleeves. Because most NZ women do not like showing their arms, these are ideal. They come in a variety of colours but predominantly, we sell black or white. They are reversible, so that you have the option of either a round neck or a V neck. They come with short or 3/4 sleeves. We sell these all year round and customers love them. For more details, take a look while you are visiting our website.

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