Weddings and Special Events

April 13, 2017

Weddings and Special Events

We are becoming increasingly well known for our special occasion wear, with many out of town shoppers having now heard about us by word of mouth. This means that we have had to increase our stock. This can be challenging at times, as we lose wholesalers and have to find new ones! However, we are excited by the new labels that we will be stocking for the next season and know that this will add more variety.

If you have a wedding coming up over the next 12 months then the ideal time to find your outfit is from July through to October, as this is when most of our new season stock arrives. However, because of demand, we now have deliveries spread out across most the year. Because we photograph and load all our stock online, you are able to start looking whenever you want. It is good to get in early as we only buy a limited number of each style. This is so that there is less likely to be anyone else wearing the same outfit as you!

From now on, we will be providing a register of weddings as an extra service to our customers. We will record the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding in our register. When an outfit is purchased for that wedding, we will record details of the garment in the register. This way, we can let you know if someone is wearing an outfit that you might be interested in.

Another advantage of shopping early is that if you want to, you are able to put your outfit on layby and pay it off over a period of time. Always easier on the pocket and we are happy to store your outfit for you until nearer the big event.

Dresses continue to be the most popular option for weddings. Whether with sleeves or without, we have a wide selection of jackets that can be teamed up with the dress. We also have skirts, pants and tops available for those who would prefer other options. We stock accessories and will offer advice on where to go for footwear, fascinators etc. We also have an amazing dressmaker, Helen, who can achieve almost anything!!

As always, we buy all colour options, so as to provide the best choice possible for you to choose from. When you come into our store, we look for your colour and body shape and it is based on this that we will offer our advice on what might work the best for you (we do not have any 'head stuff' going on!!).

When you come shopping for your outfit come prepared. Bring anything that you want to wear ie shoes, jewellery etc with you. Allow plenty of time - ideally at least an hour. We will want to know when and where the wedding is and how formal. This gives us valuable information on what might be the most suitable for that particular type of wedding. We also like to know what is in your head about what you would like to wear. Once we have all this information we can then start the process of selecting options - some of your choosing and some of ours!! It is then time for you to try on and go through an elimination process. It is rare for us not to be able to provide a solution - one that you are completely happy with!

So, now is the time to start your journey.......

PS One last tip - you will often find the ideal outfit when you are not under pressure or really looking seriously or intending to buy!! I have a daughter getting married early next year and I did not have a clue what I wanted to wear. When looking at a new range for the shop last week, an outfit jumped out at me. I tried the sample on and it fitted perfectly. That was it - shopping done and oh, so easy!!

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