Trying on Clothes

November 12, 2016

Trying on Clothes

How often do you get into a shop and you are not sure what size you need? In today's world most of us can fit a range of sizes, depending on the make.


If you are not sure you are welcome to ask us, as we know what makes are small fitting or more generous. If in doubt, take two sizes into the fitting room with you - or ask our staff to bring you a different size if you get into the fitting room and the one you have chosen does not fit.


At Fashion Focus we are privileged to have the services of an amazing dressmaker. She is able to do miracles to many of our clothes when they need to be made to fit your body shape. This is particularly so when it comes to dresses. Many of our customers are a different size around their hips compared with their shoulders. We always fit for the biggest area and then have the dress altered to fit where it is too big. These changes are required on a very regular basis and our customers are always very happy with the result.


Remember that your underwear is critical when it comes to trying on clothes. An incorrectly fitting bra can leave your breasts lower than they should be, press down on your tummy and make you look bigger round the middle than you really are! Also, if you are trying on a dress - please, take your trousers off!! The dress will look completely different when you do.


If you want advice around underwear, finding clothes that fit correctly or those that will suit your body shape - please just ask.


Happy shopping.

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