Style Personality

July 29, 2016

Style Personality

How you dress tells people who you are and knowing your own style can help you make the best choices when purchasing new clothing. Your fashion style personality is the innately unique character within all women that is expressed through certain style choices. Shopping for your personality is beneficial for a couple of reasons. You save money by avoiding bad purchases that you either don’t wear or end up returning. Buying for your style also boosts confidence by helping you better represent who you are.


Here are the four Fashion Style Personality Types, see which you identify most with.



Those with a Classic style personality will dress conservatively and prefer timeless looks that don’t date. A classic wardrobe consists of mostly neutral tones such as black, grey, navy blue and beige. Simple cuts and natural fibres are favoured predominantly.
The classic dresser looks sophisticated, elegant, mature and refined.



The Feminine style personality is characterised by pretty and feminine colours, prints and fabrics. The feminine dresser will use fashion to enhance their femininity. Pinks and other soft hues along with floral/nature based patterns are popular choices for the feminine wardrobe. Wearing lace, frills, bows and light floaty outfits that are never stiff or heavy is common practice for the seasoned feminine styled women.

A feminine women will always have a warm and approachable air about her.



The Creative style personality often like to combine different styles in the one outfit. Creativity shows through in the use of unusual prints and colour combinations in a way to create a look that is clever, bold and innovative. The creative dresser will love showcasing their creativity and preference for unconventional fashion whilst making a strong and confident fashion statement.

 For the creative women, fun is key, anything goes and somehow works too.



The women with a Natural style personality likes good quality casual, simple, easy-to-wear outfits that are comfortable. Quality natural fabrics are common with the natural dresser and goes hand in hand with being quite environmentally aware. Instinctively natural personalities are drawn to gentle and natural colours, soft pastels, denim blues and autumn tones.

 A natural woman wears, looks and feels relaxed and casual.




Many of us have a cross-section of style personalities, and we often change over time as we age.This certainly isn't about boxing you into a particular style, it just might help you understand why you're more suited to certain styles than others.

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