Special Occasion Wear Feature

September 23, 2016

Special Occasion Wear Feature

At this time off year we need to start planning for all those upcoming special events. So, we thought we would feature a nice selection in our Blog this week which are just a bit different.

These dress and over jacket combinations are from Italy. Beautifully soft and floaty, they offer something different for those upcoming special occasions - including weddings, Cup Day and much more. In three colour options, there is a soft pale pink, a lovely emerald green combination and a nice smokey blue.

 The dresses are in a print, are layered and sleeveless. The jackets have a soft knit back and floaty front and are plain. The sleeves can be worn down or up - by using the attached tabs. They come in a range of sizes - from Sm to XL.



When selecting styles for our special occasion area in the shop we focus on the fact that our customers all wear different styles - to suit their body shape. We also need to recognise that we need to cater for a range of budgets. And, at the end of the day, customers also want the option of how formal, or not, they want to be!


We are happy for customers to come in and have a 'play' - just to sort out what looks good on them and what the options are. We will spend whatever time you need - giving you advice - and telling you when we do not think an outfits looks right on you. Just come with a bit of time and if you have particular shoes you would like to wear, bring them with you as well.

Happy shopping

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