Secret Sleeves

December 01, 2016

Secret Sleeves



In New Zealand, women develop attitudes about our ageing bodies and top of the list seems to be our arms, knees and our neck!!

Older women in most other countries around the world accept that ageing brings with it changes to our bodies and they accept those changes. Not so with New Zealand women. From quite an early age, women seem to want to cover their arms - even when they look fine. How often do you notice other women's arms when you walk down the street? I never do and I never cover my arms if it is hot!

For those of you who just cannot manage having your arms exposed we have an ideal solution - Secret Sleeves.

Secret Sleeves are a super light weight Italian mesh top that can be worn under your sleeveless tops and dresses. They are reversible, so that you can wear them with a round neck or a V neck. There are elbow length and 3/4 length sleeves and the most popular colours we sell are black and white. There are other colours available as well.

Because they are so light weight they can be worn and rinsed out overnight.


They come sized from Small to XXL. Cost: $55


Come and check them out in store or online via our website.

Happy Shopping.

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