Planning a Summer Wardrobe

July 20, 2016

Planning a Summer Wardrobe

It’s time to start thinking about planning your summer wardrobe.

You will want to start by taking an inventory of what you currently have in your wardrobe. Get all your summer clothes out and create three piles. Make sure you try on everything you are considering keeping to make sure these still fit you well.

-Pile number One: These are the items you definitely want to keep.                          

-Pile number Two: This pile is for items you haven’t worn and/or want to throw away.

-Pile number Three: Here is where you put undecided items that you cannot make up your mind about keeping or throwing away.


Once you have sorted all of your summer clothing, take note of exactly how many items you have of each type of clothing e.g. tops, pants etc.

After you have done this, you can then consider what items in your third pile may still be useful (move to Pile One) and those which you no longer require (move to Pile Two). Then, you need to work out what purchases you need to make to replenish and refresh your wardrobe for the summer.


Nothing like planning for summer to take your mind off the cold weather.


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