New Season Casuals

October 16, 2017

New Season Casuals

As we head towards summer and experience the changes in weather that come with spring, it is time to check out your wardrobe and see what needs to be replaced or added to it.

Sometimes, you look at an item of clothing that you haven't worn for some time and think that maybe you should get rid of it. If it is something that you still really like, bring it in to Fashion Focus and we can see if we can give it a new look by combining it with something else. I often do this with some of my older favourite clothes, as it seems a waste to get rid of something that is still perfectly fine but just not being worn. Whether is is adding another item of clothing, a scarf or necklace - we can re-invent most things.

This season, dresses are still a popular item, whether casual or more formal. As well, we have a nice selection of skirts - both casual or more dressy. Often, a casual dress or skirt will be cooler on really hot days than wearing 3/4 pants. We have a huge range of tops - with natural fibers such as cotton, modal, linen, rayon and viscose. Many of today's fabrics do not require ironing - which is an added bonus.

As always, we are the COLOR shop - with a wide range of colors and prints to choose from.

We look forward to you browsing the website and if an option, to seeing you in the store.

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