Nepal Fundraiser Fashion Parade 2017

May 04, 2017

Nepal Fundraiser Fashion Parade 2017

Thanks to all who attended our recent fashion parade. We have had a lot of very positive feedback with some saying it is one of our best winter ranges. Certainly it has been selling well with quite a number of styles already sold out.

The fashion parade raised another $415 for our special charities in Nepal, bringing our total collected to around $17,000. We are absolutely thrilled at the support you give us. These dollars go so much further in Nepal than here in NZ and every cent we raise reaches those in need over there. Just one of the things these funds have enabled is surgery for a 13 year old girl. One of her feet faced the wrong way and surgery has corrected this. From being disabled and dependent on her family, she now has the chance to live a productive life. These are things that we might take for granted but are life changing in a country such as Nepal.

ANZAC Day was the second anniversary of the earthquake (which occurred when we were in Kathmandu) and there is still so much to do to help this country recover. So, once again, thank you so much for your support.

The winner of the raffle was Raewyn Hutton - congratulations on winning a $100 voucher for Fashion Focus and a $100 voucher for Cobblers Inn!

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