Looking for Christmas Inspiration

December 09, 2016

Looking for Christmas Inspiration

Christmas is upon us and merely a couple of weeks away, so for those who are still searching for that Christmas inspiration here are some thoughts.


In these days of women having so much of what they need, buying that special Christmas present can be quite challenging. I could say buy her a nice new dress and spend lots of money - like all the TV ad's promote but sometimes it is the small and simple things that give just as much pleasure.

A nice scarf or a piece of jewellery is an inexpensive gift but one which shows that you care and have put some thought into buying something personal. We have a wide range of costume jewellery and scarves - including a wide range of colours.

We are always happy to exchange such a gift if it is not exactly what is wanted. If you do not want to make a decision on what to buy then the next best option is to buy a gift voucher. These can be for any amount and we do not put an expiry date on them - so there is no pressure to use them immediately.


Enjoy the festive season and as always Happy Shopping.

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