Investment and Fashion Buying for your Wardrobe

July 14, 2016


When buying for your wardrobe you will have two types of purchases to consider.


First there are your Investment buys. These will be the core of your wardrobe and can include trousers, layering pieces (such as tops to go under outer layers), cardigans, skirts and jackets/coats. These are usually plain colours, with black or navy being the most common. Investment pieces will last over a number of seasons - hence the reason for the term 'investment'. When making your investment buys you need to consider if the piece will match what you personally are looking for as the basis of your wardrobe.

In addition to your investment basics you will seasonally make Fashion buys. These will add variety to your wardrobe. Fashion buys give you the opportunity to explore and enjoy current trends. These purchases will allow you to add colour and prints to your wardrobe. They are also the buys which express your particular fashion style.


When making either type of purchase it is important to work both investment and fashion buys together. Good planning makes for a harmonious wardrobe.

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