Introducing Swimwear

August 31, 2016

Introducing Swimwear


With the Cbay pool, Caroline Bay and the Tekapo hot pools on our doorsteps swimming is always on our minds. A must have for any swimming lover is a good pair of togs. Currently your options for swimwear locally are limited. With this in mind Fashion Focus now has a range of swimwear options available.

 We wanted to provide reasonably priced quality swimwear for women aged 30+.


Our Swimwear range offers:

  • A range of colour and style options.
  • Good Breast and Tummy Supports.
  • Shapes that Flatter the body.
  • Good Shoulder straps.
  • Fitted bra cups.
  • Top of leg not cut away.


All our swimwear are one piece suits.
For women who want a bit more coverage we do have a skirt option with one pair.
We already have one range in store with 2 others set to arrive.


How to Care for your Togs

This advice is especially useful if you swim in water treated with Chlorine.

  • Rinse under the shower or in hand basin as soon as you take your swimwear off after swimming.
  • If a wringer machine is available at the pool, use this to remove excess water.
  • When you get home, put your swimwear through a machine wash if possible, even if it is only every second time.



Be sure to come in store and check out the new Swimwear at Fashion Focus. Don't forget you can also browse the range online through our website

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