Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

December 12, 2017

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

This season more and more women are wanting to wear dresses. With the recent hot spell of weather we have had many of you in store, looking for something cool and comfortable to wear. Dresses are the obvious option. However, for many women, finding the right dress can be problematic.

Many of you are a different size top and bottom - which is what often poses the biggest issue. However, when you have the expertise of our dressmaker to call on, anything is possible!! Most of the alterations she has done over the last few months have been making the dress fit.

When buying a dress, you need to start with the size that will fit your biggest area. For the majority of women, this is around their hips and thighs. Once we have got this part sorted, we will then take in the top of the dress, to fit your upper body. The finished result makes the dress look like it was made especially for you.

Other women think that they are too short for a dress. The solution here is in selecting the right shaped dress. It is important to keep your body proportions in balance and we can offer advice on how to do this. Generally it is not difficult to have a dress taken up. At present, the length that is fashionable is just on or below the knee.

So, do not be put off by your body shape or height. There is always a solution - well, almost always!

PS And don't worry about arm coverage. We have lots of options to deal with this!!!

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