Buying Pants

March 09, 2017

Buying Pants

These days there are so many options when it comes to buying pants. A number of customers have asked me what is the current fashion. Whilst there has been some talk about wide leg pants making a come back, there is little evidence of this to date.

So, what are the options? There are legging type pants, skinny pants, slim pants, straight leg pants and bootleg pants. As well, there are culottes and drape pants.

Legging pants - these are usually pull on pants and are tight fitting. These are ideal if you want leg cover when wearing a longer top or jacket. To wear these, you need to remember that they are very revealing - so good legs and adequate butt coverage is needed, especially if you are a bit older!

Skinny pants - these are firm fitting pants and can be pull on or on a waistband with a fly zip opening. They are ideal to wear with long boots over the top of these and you will often see these as jeans. Again, you need the right sort of legs to be able to wear these and look good!

Slim pants - these pants are narrow but not tight fitting. They come in both pull on or with a fly opening. Most women can wear these and they will look flattering. The exception to this is for women who have thicker or swollen legs. These pants will cling to the parts of your legs that you would rather they didn't!

Straight pants - the width of these pants is the same from the top of the leg to the bottom. These are usually fly front opening. These are ideal for those women who have bigger or swollen legs.

Bootleg pants - these pants have a wider hem than at the top. These days, they are rarely worn.

Culottes - these wide leg pants look like a flared skirt. They have not been fashionable for a while now but there is talk of a comeback. Watch this space.....

Drape pants - these pants are usually pull on and are often worn as evening or formal wear. These come in soft drapey fabric and can be narrow or wide leg.


What else do you need to know? 

The rise? This refers to where you want the top of your pants to finish. Most younger women wear pants with a short rise ie pants that finish below the waist and often on the hips. As we get older, we tend to prefer a full rise pant - one which finishes at our waist. As we age, our tummy tends to get bigger and we often lose some butt padding! This can make it more challenging to find pants that fit you well. A full rise pant can help with this.

Pull on vs Waisted with Zip Pants - pull on pants have the advantage of not having a waistband and zip showing through your tops. However, for many women they are frustrating if you have a sway back. Unless there is firm elastic across the back these pants will often slide down and you will be constantly pulling them up. We stock a pull on pant that has two V inserts with elastic in - front and back. This works very well, as does elastic inserts on the sides of pants.

With a waist and zip opening, these pants tend to sit better on the waist and do not ride down to the same extent. Even so, sway backs can still leave you with pants that do not fit you well around the waist at the back. Darts can help with this problem or elastic.

And one final tip - if you do not want an undies line showing through your pants - wear full rise undies!

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